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for Dignity and Justice for ALL of Lexington!

Angela's Platform

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A new era of criminal justice reform requires a new model of prosecuting cases. 

As County Attorney, my administration will focus on ways to reduce people from re-offending, in addition to imposing consequences for criminal behavior. My goal is to prosecute cases effectively in a way that ultimately reduces the rate and number of people re-offending.  As County Attorney, I will commission a long-term review of negotiated plea agreements to determine if they are actually reducing the occurrence of that crime and the number of people re-committing that crime.

As a former public defender, I know that criminal behavior is often the result of adverse childhood experiences, substance abuse or unaddressed mental health issues. It is THOSE issues we must address as a community to reduce crime, and improve people’s quality of life so they can have a better chance of becoming the productive citizens Lexington needs them to be.

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Government must be transparent, now more than ever, to rebuild the trust it has lost with so much of the public.

My goal is to provide a comprehensive report of the County Attorney’s Office, that will provide a more complete view of criminal cases and the outcomes.  Additionally, I will make fiscal and operational audits readily accessible to the public.  I will value the trust you place in me and be a good steward of your tax dollars.  I will freely hold myself accountable to you, and report how your tax dollars are being utilized. 

As County Attorney, I will also consistently engage and communicate with the community. District court is “the people’s court” and Lexington deserves a County Attorney who will avail herself to the public, listen to their concerns and work with all stakeholders to make Lexington safer for us all.  

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As a former public defender, General Counsel to KY Secretary of State, and Assistant KY Attorney General I have worked to ensure the Commonwealth of Kentucky treats everyone fairly. 

Prosecutorial discretion, in the form of plea bargains, can actually be a tool of justice. Prosecutors with various life experiences, individually and as a staff, who are well-trained to increase their cultural competencies and be aware of their own unconscious biases in case reviews can lead to a more just negotiation process and plea agreements, while still holding individuals accountable for violating the law.

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Research has shown that alternatives to jail sentences and comprehensive social services can help prevent people from committing additional crimes.

I will advocate with social service providers and other stakeholders for more funding of: specialty courts, accessible and affordable drug rehabilitation and mental health services, and more economic opportunities for individuals with criminal histories, to help prevent individuals from re-offending.  

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